The entire Diamond Valley has descended into an intense state of mourning after yesterday’s announcement that the dancing coffee cup from the side of Greensborough Highway will dance no longer. Multiple local residents have contacted The Watsonia Bugle in the last 24 hours to share their individual experiences of navigating the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Speaking candidly about her personal experience, Helen Pollard said, “Make no mistake, there was a key member of our community missing this morning. Words can’t really do it justice. There’s just a profound sense of sadness blanketing the Diamond Valley today. I’m not sure what else to say. That gorgeous over-sized coffee cup brought joy to so many, and that was before they ever even pulled into The Pitstop for a caffeine hit. My kids don’t even drink coffee, but they bloody loved that goofy bastard.”

Meanwhile, Darren Flinders says he hasn’t quite completed all five stages of grief just yet. He said, “I’ve ticked off a few. You know, denial was my initial response, and I held onto that for an hour or so before anger really took hold. That lasted for most of yesterday, then last night I bargained hard. Starting researching the NEL construction, read a little about compulsory acquisition, even watched The Castle, mate. I reckon we have a case, so I’m not ready to hit depression and acceptance just yet.”

While Flinders’ claims seem optimistic at best, most local residents seem to have accepted the sad news – albeit reluctantly. We wish The Pitstop’s owners all the best with their new venture in Richmond, and encourage you to visit their Facebook page for the official announcement – and for details on the new venue.