Megan the anti-vegan has allegedly broken her long silence after a hidden message was discovered by an eagle-eyed exercise enthusiast on a GPS tracking app earlier this week. Keen local jogger Daniel Brandon spotted the unmistakable message during a scroll through his Strava newsfeed, an app used by thousands to track their exercise activity.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Brandon said, “I was just having a look around on Strava. You know, checking to see how my segments matched up with other people who run around the same areas as me. And I found this account named ‘meggsy_hearts_meat’. I thought it was a bit strange, and then I had a look at one of her recent runs and she’d basically ran in the shape of a giant ‘BE MEGAN’ slogan on the middle of Whatmough Park. I couldn’t believe it mate. She’s back!”

While all attempts to contact meggsy_hearts_meat have proven futile, the discovery gives hope to thousands of local residents who have been entertained by the ongoing saga of Megan’s fence-bound warfare against the vegan movement. Will she strike again soon? Only time will tell…