An anonymous Richmond fan has spectacularly claimed that the current Tiger dynasty will be officially over if his team loses tomorrow night’s must-win clash against the Bombers. The passionate Tigers fan made the bold declaration this afternoon in a lively group chat session, agreeing with the mostly apocalyptic footy media that Richmond’s time at the top could be coming to an abrupt end.

Despite winning three of the last four premierships, Richmond have endured a challenging start to the 2021 season, and sit just inside the top eight after six wins from 11 games. While a loss to Essendon in tomorrow’s Round 12 match certainly doesn’t spell the end of Richmond’s chances for the season, the unnamed fan claims a loss to the Bombers would be too symbolic to ignore. He said, “The Bombers have been a joke for years now. And I know all about joke football teams, because I followed one up until 2017. So, if we lose to them, it would be a real bad vibe for us. In years to come, we’ll look back to that loss as the beginning of the end.”

However, the stark admission that his team currently sits on the precipice isn’t as self-effacing as it first seems, because he also claims that his beloved team’s time at the top has come with an unexpected price. He said, “Mate, the umps are out to get us, I’m telling ya. Have you seen them free kick counts? We get robbed every week. The fact of the matter is, the AFL don’t like domination, so once a team gets good, they start to chip away at them. First it’s with the salary cap, and then they attack the on-field stuff. The umps are told to get us every week. I’m serious. I’m reading The Boys Club book at the moment… the AFL are crooks!”