A group of respected scientists has confirmed years of anecdotal evidence by constructing a graph that clearly maps out the relationship between pool playing ability and the consumption of alcohol. Numerous generations have noted how just a few beers can actually enhance one’s ability, while too many beers can have an adverse impact. 

The group of local scientists painstakingly charted the performance of over a thousand recreational pool players at a variety of licensed venues across Melbourne. They then used the data collected to create this graph: 

As you can see, the ultimate sweet spot for combining alcohol with pool playing is three to six pots. However, once you reach in excess of seven to nine beers you face a significant decline in performance. 

While the scientists have already been lauded for their in-depth research, they are not done yet. Following the release of the bell chart, they announced they would be investigating the unlikely possibility of stopping drinking after those initial three to six pots.