A local home school’s wet day routine has been described by its students as a little less exciting than their normal school’s wet day routine. The students made this observation in multiple protests to the home school’s overworked and underpaid staff today, leading to heightened tension in the already stressed household.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, one of the students said, “All we just do is sit around all day while our parents are on their laptops doing this thing they keep calling ‘fricken work’ or something like that. At real school, we build forts inside, play with our friends, and do arts and crafts. It’s, like, so much better at real school.

When contacted for the comment, the home school’s reluctant principal said, “Which one of them said that? Was it Vinny? Or Grace? Both of them have got smart mouths, and they’ll be punished for this. It’s as if staying at home in your PJs all day, enjoying the central heating, and making full use of the complimentary WiFi and multiple streaming services isn’t enough for them. Then when you ask them to do what actually equates to about an hour of work for the whole day, they roll their eyes at you like you’ve just asked them to split an atom. They’re kidding themselves.”