Authorities have moved quite swiftly to remove an unlikely hazard from the local whale sanctuary at Kalparrin Lake. A partly submerged car appeared in the lake over the weekend, as water levels dropped slightly due to water quality works.

The car was removed yesterday, allowing Greensborough’s small but well-known whale population to regain full control of their waterway. Exactly how long the vehicle lay at the bottom of the lake remains unclear, and will no doubt form a key part of the police investigation into the matter. Many observers believe it would’ve been “at least a year or so”, due to the difficulty of steering the car into the lake now that the new boardwalk is in place.

Kalparrin Lake made global headlines in April last year, after a local dog walker claimed to have spotted a rare native humpback whale frolicking in the pristine waters of the lake. That sighting was one of many across the globe of animals returning to previously inhospitable habitats, as the planet allegedly recovered during the initial COVID-19 enforced lockdowns. While some of those reports were later proven to be false, multiple sightings were reported of the Kalparrin humpback, leading to respected zoologists confirming its truth.