A local Geelong fan has provided an uncomfortable reminder that maybe Nathan Buckley’s knighthood application should be parked for a while. Watsonia resident Caleb McCormick told The Watsonia Bugle he was “sick to the stomach” from the Buckley lovefest that’s taken over social media since the former Collingwood coach pinched a win in his final game on Monday.

In a wide-ranging interview, McCormick said, “People have short memories. I know that incident was almost 20 years ago now, but I’ll never forget it, mate. I was at the ’G that day, and I gave Bucks an earful as he trotted off the ground. Probably the lowest act I’ve seen on a footy field.”

The incident McCormick’s speaking of occurred in July 2002 when Buckley wiped his own blood on Cameron Ling’s jumper, leading to a one-game suspension for the then Collingwood captain. Buckley had been asked to leave the field under the blood rule as he was bleeding above his eyebrow, but frustrated by the close-checking he was receiving from Ling that day, Buckley deliberately wiped his blood on Ling’s jumper, knowing it would force the Geelong tagger to also leave the field.

According to McCormick, this week’s deification of Buckley is misguided. He said, “Yeah mate. Linga is a bloody legend. Loved by all. The fact Bucks committed that heinous crime on such a living legend is enough evidence for me that he’s a dirty dog. Good riddance to him, I say!”