Global chocolate oligarch Cadbury has confirmed that Watsonia IGA is its best performing account in Australia, revealing that the prominent product display near the checkouts is just about irresistible for local customers. In fact, the confectionery company said the overbearing display was so successful that it was frequently used for shifting stock that had failed to sell at other locations across the country.

In an exclusive interview, an anonymous source said, “Yeah mate, that thing is like a customer magnet, it’s unbelievable. We openly crack jokes about it in the national sales office, but secretly we give thanks to it each morning when we wake up. Without that thing, half of us would be out of a job within weeks. It’s phenomenal!”

The display’s impressively strong performance has also made it a happy dumping ground for obscure flavours and releases that haven’t sold well elsewhere across the nation. The source said, “It’s so good that it’s also become a great place to shift stock that has failed at other locations. For example, at the moment we keep sending them those ‘Perky Nana’ blocks. They just don’t sell anywhere else really. So when they near their used by date, we shift them across to Watsy and – hey presto – they’re gone within the week. It’s awesome!”