Montmorency’s recent “victory” over Watsonia in the popularity stakes has been marred by accusations of foul play. According to recent data released by a prominent real estate website, Montmorency is currently the most popular suburb in Melbourne, attracting an average of 14,991 clicks per online listing. While Watsonia sits slightly below its neighbouring suburb, ranking third in Melbourne with an average of 14,819 clicks.

But one insider is alleging that a well-known Montmorency real estate agent is personally responsible for the extra 172 clicks that each Monty listing attracts over Watsy listings. The anonymous source told The Watsonia Bugle, “Yeah mate, I know who it is for sure. I won’t say his actual name, but I will say that it rhymes with Scott Hugent. I’ve seen him on his phone down Were Street, just clicking away on the double, all the while soaking in that village vibe and enjoying having the local barista know him by first name. To be honest, I’m not sure how he finds the time between moderating that out of control Monty Life 3094 Facebook page and being Montmorency’s full-time real estate tsar. I’m too impressed with his multitasking to be mad.”

The anonymous source also claimed the man who’s name rhymes with “Scott Hugent” had hatched this bold plan over 12 months ago when Watsonia was crowned as the most popular suburb in all of Victoria based on the same clicks-per-listing metric. The insider said, “Yep, it all started back in March last year, I’m sure of it. When Watsy was named as the winner of the click war, this guy decided to take matters into his own hands. He’s a competitive guy, and he just couldn’t stand knowing that Watsonia was getting one up on his beloved Montmorency. He could’ve delegated the task to one of his Monty Life underlings, but he took personal responsibility for this one. He’s probably perched atop that bloody windmill at the top of town right now toasting the victory with a nice glass of bubbles. Good luck to him.”