Currently under-siege NBA star Ben Simmons has allegedly been enquiring about available spots in mid-week Diamond Valley basketball in a bold attempt to get his on-court mojo back. Simmons famously made global headlines back in 2017 when he turned out for a Monday night domestic men’s team at the Diamond Valley Stadium.

While Simmons played in that game just months before his NBA debut, it’s believed he often refers back to that appearance as a turning point, using it as a springboard for his fledgling professional career. However, that development has hit a snag this week, with Simmons copping most of the flack for his Philadelphia 76ers’ untimely Playoff exit, and now receiving criticism in his nation of birth for whispers that he’ll now miss the Tokyo Olympics, instead spending the NBA off-season “working on skill development”.

And that’s exactly where mid-week basketball in the local Diamond Valley Basketball Association is rumoured to be coming in. According to one local source, Simmons is currently negotiating travel arrangements so he can spend the next few months honing his skills in the local league. The anonymous source said, “Yeah, he keeps asking when the stadium redevelopment will be finished. He obviously understands that Court One at Diamond Valley Stadium is the spiritual home of basketball in this country. Forget the All-Star appearances, and Rookie of the Year title, Ben’s game on that court back in 2017 is the crowning glory of his basketball career to this day. Sure, we all hope he surpasses in one day, but until then, he needs to return to this sacred site.”