A local man has recently purchased a The Watsonia Bugle t-shirt and says he immediately became more attractive. Watsonia bachelor Callum Reynolds contacted us earlier this week to share the good news, and encouraged any other people in the area who were looking for love to get themselves a Bugle t-shirt as soon as possible.

Reynolds said, “I really just got one initially because I love the articles that you guys write, but within the first week of getting it I was subjected to a significant increase in attention from the ladies, and some blokes too. True story. Everywhere I went, you know, the pub, Watsy Shops, Greensy Plaza, into the city, a night out on Brunswick Street, I was totally inundated. It’s been fantastic!”

Reynolds said that the attraction seemed to be linked to a number of factors. He said, “I’ve heard heaps of different reasons in just the last two weeks. Some say it shows I’ve got a keen sense of humour, some say it shows a higher level of intelligence, others say I’m clearly very fashionable, others say I’m obviously very fiscally responsible because they only cost, like, $20 USD which is a great deal. And I even think that the black colour and sleek design makes me look a bit slimmer. Sure, the shipping was a hidden danger, but it’s still the best money I’ve spent in a long time!”

Sound good? You can purchase your very own Bugle t-shirt right here.