A local 50-something has gotten all teary-eyed reminiscing about her beloved “Greensborough Pools”, lamenting the fact that modern society doesn’t provide such bohemian public spaces for its youth. Rebecca Jones made the observation last night during some post-lockdown drinks with her girlfriends, conceding that she actually felt sorry for younger generations.

Expanding on her thoughts during an expansive interview with The Watsonia Bugle this morning, Jones said, “I don’t know, they just don’t make public pools like them anymore. That place was sick as. My parents would just send me there for the whole day without supervision. I’d have a couple of dollars and that would feed me for the whole day. It was bliss. Laying out on the hot concrete and eating icy poles, there was nothing better. I just wish I’d known then it would be the peak of my existence, before the full weight of adulthood dropped onto my shoulders. Argh, take me back!”

Comparing it to the current WaterMarc complex, Jones said kids these days just couldn’t get the same experience. She said, “It’s just not the same. Apart from the fact it’s indoors and is basically the same temperature in there all year round, that place is just too modern and controlled for the full public pool experience. Plus, there’s no massive diving platform to rip a mad horsey from.”

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