Watsonia man, Sam Kent, has made the considered decision to stop drinking craft beers in the company of others after enduring one too many questions about what he is drinking. An understated man, with a latent interest in the burgeoning craft beer market, Kent has grown tired of having to explain what he is drinking to people who seem to have an inability to read simple beer labels.

Whilst Kent acknowledges that his decision is unfair on people with a genuine interest in craft beers, or those just trying to make polite small talk at social functions, for the short-term he has compiled a list of appropriate beers for public consumption. For the long-term, he is working on a complex algorithm that will allow him to gauge the level of brand obscurity that is permitted at certain events. For example, a house party in Northcote with his old uni mates allows a far greater level of brand obscurity than his uncle Dave’s 60th birthday lunch in Diamond Creek.

According to Kent, drinking an obscure beer at a party is “a bit like wearing cool t-shirts, as soon as you have to start explaining them to people it just stops being fun. Verbally explaining an amusing YouTube video is such a ‘you had to be there’ kind of moment. The thread on the t-shirt literally starts to break every time you have to explain the image or slogan to someone who asks ‘Fenton? Who’s Fenton?’ So now I just wear plain t-shirts and drink obvious beer brands.”

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