The people of Greensborough have woken to taste some sense of normality this morning amidst the ongoing COVID-19 saga that has gripped the nation. While heavy restrictions remain in place in the Melbourne suburb, evocative memories of a bygone era have emerged via an abandoned oBike resting against a concrete wall at Kalparrin Gardens.

Residents completing their two-hour exercise allowance this morning were able to view the bike, and were immediately transported back to a time when our fair city’s greatest concern was how to deal with the ride sharing system that was littering bikes all over town. Despite most of those bikes being abandoned in the so-called “trendy” inner suburbs, the occasional yellow and grey bicycle did turn up in our area, making us feel just a little bit cool and hip.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, one local dog walker said, “Oh, it’s quite nice actually, bit of a trip down memory lane. Remember when we were all up in arms about that, like it was a serious problem for the city of Melbourne? Haha, I’d take that as our main problem now. Any day of the week.”

While a passing jogger was even more enthusiastic. She said, “They’re a bit like those mysterious crop circles aren’t they? You don’t know how they get there, but you just love to see them! This one is giving me a real 2017 vibe, and I’m right into it. What a good time that was to be alive.”