A local mum has claimed she spends the majority of animated kids films trying to guess the voice actors for each character, inadvertently missing key messages and plot moments from each movie. Lisa Hamilton said that while she regularly referred to Google for a quick answer, sometimes she really likes to test herself by naming the actor without a cheeky online search.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about her painful affliction, Hamilton said, “It’s a blessing and a curse. I mean, some of those movies are shit, so trying to guess the voice actor makes them semi-bearable, but sometimes I wish I could simply accept the animated characters for who they are, and just sit back to enjoy the film.”

Despite that complicated relationship with her condition, Hamilton said her encyclopaedic knowledge of who voiced who in animated films had come in handy during last year’s obsession with video chat trivia nights. She said, “We had three trivia nights with different groups of friends in the last fortnight, and a few questions actually came up. Did you know Owen Wilson was the voice of Lightning McQueen? What an amazing range that man has. It’s fascinating.”