A local man says he’s not sure why a 1990 Collingwood premiership backman is sending him political text messages, and he hopes it stops soon. Watsonia resident Neville Johnson said the unsolicited text messages started on Friday, and he received another one yesterday, from a Craig Kelly that is aligned with the United Australia Party.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the one-way text message exchange, Johnson said, “I mean, I’m a Maggie’s fan from way back, and I loved the way ‘Ned’ went about it, but this is a bit much. What’s he doing getting into politics?”

Johnson said he’d have preferred Kelly to go for the Collingwood presidency if he wanted a side project, and that he wasn’t convinced the move into politics would be successful. Johnson said, “Look, obviously it’s up to him what he wants to do in his spare time, but I just wish he’d leave me out of it. And I can’t find an unsubscribe button, so I’m guessing these texts will just keep coming.”