A local man has claimed that Savage Garden need a second hearing to appreciate their true brilliance, insisting that the time is right for a retro revival. Shane Timmins made the impassioned plea in a lengthy Facebook post last night, possibly after one too many iso wines.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning to confirm his position, Timmins said, “For some reason, they’ve just always been the target of scorn amongst a fair chunk of the Aussie audience. Everyone thinks they’re a bit too cool for Savage Garden these days, but they must’ve had a decent following back in the day, otherwise they wouldn’t have sold all those records. I’m calling on all those silent fans to find their voice and get behind the Garden!”

Comparing the music industry to the world of fashion, Timmins claimed the timing was perfect for a Savage Garden revival. He said, “Fashion trends follow the tried-and-tested 20-year cycle. Nothing strays too far from that, give or take a few years. And Savage Garden have been split up for 20 years now, it’s time to throw off the shackles and truly embrace them as the maestros they were.”