A Watsonia couple continually tagging each other in memes relating to domestic chores are presumed by their friends to be in the midst of some serious household feuding. Married pair Tony and Bianca Stoinis have recently increased their social media presence as a couple, with the majority of interactions involving Bianca tagging Tony in memes that suggest men are next to useless around the house.

Tony’s responses to the numerous tags have ranged between flippant to openly contemptuous, leading many of the couple’s friends to read between the lines and conclude that not all is well within the Stoinis family home. One such friend contacted The Watsonia Bugle and said, “It’s been going on for a few months now, and every time I see one of those tags it just makes me worry about their marriage. I mean, Tony probably is a bit hopeless when it comes to housework, but he doesn’t need his dirty laundry literally aired online.”

While the couple themselves refused to be interviewed for this in-depth investigation into the health of their relationship, Bianca’s reason of “I’m too busy cleaning up after that pig” seemed to tell us more than any official statement she could give us.