A local box of Favourites has been quickly whittled down to just lots of Old Gold and a few Flakes, with consumption expected to reach a snail’s pace in the packet’s final days. While the contents of the box seemed to be heavily accessed in the first two days of its existence in a local household, the somewhat unwanted remnants are now expected to last anywhere between two to three full weeks.

An anonymous household member has said, “Yeah, it was a real flurry in the beginning, everyone was hitting the big-ticket items. But now it’ll drag on for a while, just you wait and see. I mean, why do they even bother putting Old Gold in? It’s gross. And as for Flake, we all know that’s rubbish.”

The disgruntled source also questioned how and why Old Gold had been promoted into the Favourites line-up. They said, “By the true definition of the word ‘Favourites’, surely Old Gold doesn’t qualify. I mean, I guess, some people enjoy dark chocolate, but they’re normally the type of person that nobody will ever buy a packet of Favourites, for the sole reason that those people don’t have any friends.”