A local man has reluctantly conceded that he only recently realised that Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” isn’t exclusively a song about playing cards. Daniel Taylor made the brave admission over the weekend while drinking with friends in the park, and also claimed that the realisation had elevated the song’s importance in his personal life.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Taylor said, “Mate, what an absolute game-changer. When the penny finally dropped that it wasn’t just about having a punt, it’s like I was able to access a whole new compartment of my brain. Amazing. Moving forward, this will really help me in my personal relationships.”

Asked how the admission went down amongst his friends, Taylor was slightly less effusive. He said, “Oh, they absolutely gave it to me. They were merciless. I copped it big time. But I actually don’t care. Admitting that I’d never understood the wider meaning until now was like lifting a weight off my shoulders. Mate, the future is brighter now.”