A pair of local parents spent last night searching their pantry for cooking chocolate after all of their children’s Halloween loot had run out. By the time it had ticked past 9.00pm, and all of their kids were asleep, Steph and Rick Hanlon conducted a desperate search of their kitchen for any form of chocolate that they could find.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, they said, “We don’t normally have much chocolate in the house, but there’s been heaps since Cup Weekend, what with the bags full of lollies that the kids brought home, and the leftovers we had of what we’d bought to hand out. So, since then, we’ve gone pretty hard on the chocolate. By 9pm last night we were ravenous.”

Exactly what time they lowered themselves to eating cooking chocolate by the hungry handful remains unclear, but Steph believes it was at around 9.20pm. She said, “We searched pretty hard, but there was nothing left, or the kids had hidden some, I’m not sure. All I know is that when Rick found that cooking chocolate we giggled like loons and just started shovelling it into our mouths. It wasn’t our finest moment as a couple, but sometimes you’ve just got to scratch that itch.”