A local renegade claims that he often ignores clear instructions by eating cake batter despite the presence of raw egg in the batter. Brent Quinlan made the bold claim earlier this week in a controversial Facebook post, prompting passionate debate from both sides of the argument, with some comments suggesting that Quinlan is not alone in regularly taking this obscene risk.

The post stated: “I know the packet says you’re not supposed to eat the mixture before it’s cooked, but I just can’t resist… #YOLO”. Despite Quinlan’s total lack of regard for the well-intended instructions on the packet mix box, a large chunk of his friends on Facebook supported the rogue move, with comments such as “a bit of raw egg never hurt anyone, just ask Rocky Balboa”, “we always ate it when we were kids and we all turned out just fine”, and “typical bloody Nanny State always telling us what to do”.

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle for comment, Quinlan said he had been overwhelmed by the response to his brave stance on the topic. He said, “I mean, there were a few nerds that said I was risking my life, but I reckon most people were on board. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel I guess, so it’s important to stand up for issues that you’re passionate about. And I’m real passionate about cake batter mate, it’s delicious.”