A local woman driving through the roundabout at the intersection of Bridge and Bolton streets yesterday was left confused over which form of takeaway food she was eagerly sniffing as it wafted through the air vents of her car. The Montmorency woman, Karen Vander, was driving in an easterly direction up Bridge Street when the scent first entered the cabin of her vehicle, causing her to sniff hungrily at the delicious flavours in the air.

However, it wasn’t until the second or third sniff that Vander began to wonder which variety she was inhaling. Reflecting on the experience she said, “I couldn’t really put me finger on it. I mean, I’d driven past HJs first but I know the smell of Maccas like the back of me hand. And of course, KFC has it’s own layer of flavour too. Maybe it was HJs, maybe it was Maccas, maybe it was KFC, or maybe it was an amalgamation of all three? After all, that roundabout does represent the holy trinity of fast food options, so regardless of what you’re sniffing, you’re winning.”