Scott Morrison has bravely admitted that he lied about visiting a giant dim sim in Watsonia a few years ago. In a week of embarrassing retractions from the Australian Prime Minister, this one feels on the smaller end of the scale, but it’s still not a great look considering that: a) Morrison hasn’t been to Watsonia before, and b) the giant dim sim doesn’t actually exist.

Despite the above image, Morrison has form with unveiling badly Photoshopped pictures, adding to the growing list of reasons why his trust rating is currently creeping towards an all-time low. One local political analyst claimed Morrison’s desperation to be considered “one of us” is now coming back to bite him.

Cameron Graham said, “He’s just tried way too hard for way too long, and it’s all coming home to roost. The DIY cubby house at Kirribilli, the baseball cap instead of the Akubra, the most awkward shaka throw in history in that stupid Hawaii pic, and an absolute cavalcade of cringe. It’s so bad, that this latest giant dim sim claim will hardly draw a mention. I mean, he’s literally invented this whole ruse in a desperate attempt to win over the people of Australia. But the only way he’ll win over the people of Watsonia is to build the giant dimmie. And, even then, there’s no guarantee I’ll vote for him.”