A local economist claims he genuinely yearns for the return of Franklins “No Frills” supermarket at Greensborough Plaza, saying the value for money was unrivalled. Callum Johnson said that in addition to the personal savings he’d enjoy from the return of the popular chain, Franklins was needed to help our nation tackle the rampant supermarket duopoly currently in place.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Johnson said, “Sure, you took your life into your own hands trying to navigate past all those boxes, but the value for money was second to none. You can have your Aldis, you can have your NQRs, but that joint was the only genuine competition for Australia’s overbearing supermarket duopoly.”

When asked whether it was just mostly nostalgia that prompted his regular yearnings, Johnson noticeably bristled. He said, “Nah mate, I’m serious. This is a proper economic issue, and any failure to acknowledge that is, quite simply, as pathetic case of people burying their heads in the sand.”