The pleasing vista you can enjoy from the very top of Greensborough Plaza has been voted the “Best Shopping Centre Car Park View in Suburban Melbourne”. Whilst clearly a very niche award category, local residents are pleased by the gong, privately conceding that “a win’s a win” and you should take what you can get after what can only be described as a pretty challenging year.

One long-time Greensborough resident, and regular Plaza patron, Michelle Ploenges, told The Watsonia Bugle, “I’ll be honest, it’s not an award I’ve heard of, but I’m proud of my home town, that’s quite an achievement. I mean, there are a lot of shopping centres in Melbourne, and Shoppo over in Doncaster has a pretty good view, so we’ve done well to top them.”

Whispers have also now started circulating about a number of local organisations that are attempting to profit from the odd title. An anonymous source said, “You know how it is these days, everyone wants to turn a buck out of something, so don’t be surprised if that spot turns into a trendy rooftop cinema like them ones in the city. Or, at the very least, someone will probably try to sell tea towels and other souvenirs up on the top level there. Would you wear a t-shirt that says ‘My mate went to the Best Shopping Centre Car Park View in Suburban Melbourne and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’? I don’t know, I probably would, like in an ironic way.”