A holidaymaker walking along a pier yesterday reportedly resisted the urge to ask “Have you caught anything?” to pretty much anyone within earshot standing near a fishing rod. In what is believed to be one of the first instances of this happening, local fishermen said they were pleased with the brave restraint shown by the out-of-towner.

Reflecting on his rare moment of self-control, the holidaymaker said, “Normally I’m right into it, you know. Like, I’m actually genuinely interested to see if they’ve caught anything. But I just thought, these poor bastards. They’ve already got a sad enough life that they’re spending a summer afternoon fishing. The last thing they need is every second nimrod asking them if they’ve caught something.”

While the fishermen on the pier were pleased by the unique approach, they conceded it was unlikely to become a common trend. One anonymous fisherman said, “Look, I’d like it to be a sign of things to come, but I doubt it. The urge is too strong to resist. I mean, I understand the compulsion.”