A local 40-something claims he was the “King of the Diamond Hills BMX track”, and has called for the return of the iconic venue. Dave Wallace made the bold declaration in a rambling Facebook post earlier this week, and did little to hose it down earlier today when contacted by The Watsonia Bugle.

Wallace said, “I was the King of the Diamond Hills BMX track in the late 80s and early 90s, mate. I knew every turn of that course like the back of me hand, and I was bloody fearless on that track. Pretty much unbeatable if the races were a best of three kind of set up.”

Wallace then used his reflection on those halcyon days to tackle a broader societal issue. He said, “They should rebuild that thing, mate. I know it’s all houses and that up there now, but surely they could find a bit of room. Kids these days don’t get outside enough. They’re all just sitting at home on their iPads and that. Get ‘em out on the BMXs I reckon. I might even come out of retirement to have a spin, haha.”