Watsonia man, and FM radio enthusiast, Craig Young, was initially confused this morning when he started his car and the odd sound of 774 ABC’s breakfast show came blaring out of the speakers. After a solid couple of seconds of confusion, Young remembered that he’d been listening to the cricket on his way home from work last night.

While this kind of moment is usually quickly computed by Young’s active mind, the lingering fog of the holiday period caught him unawares. This morning he told The Watsonia Bugle, “It bloody got me again this morning mate! I was dead set confused for a few seconds before I realised. Normally I start me morning off with a bit of Gold 104, so it’s always a bit weird hearing news and politics coming out of the radio first thing.”

A keen follower of brain science, Young said it would “Probably take a couple of goes before I re-train me brain, it’s just the usual post-holiday lethargy that gets me at this time of year. When I’m at the top of me game, I sometimes even switch it back to Gold when I pull into me driveway after the evening commute. But only sometimes.”