A brave Watsonia man has pulled the trigger on his family’s second hard rubbish collection for the year, despite being less than two months into 2022. Kane Larson made the bold move early today, submitting his request to the local council after a brief stocktake of his bulging garage last night.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his big decision, Larson said, “Look, I understand the shock around this, but it had to be done. Normally I like to keep them up my sleeve but, you know what, I pay me rates, so I might as well use them. My new year’s resolution was to just grab life by the horns in 2022, so this is me going for it.”

Responding to criticism from within his own household around his bold new strategy, Larson said, “I get it, I understand. You only get two every year. It’s like going to an old fashioned shootout in a western with only two bullets, you have to make them both count. But I will not regret this, honestly. Think of all those years where we only ever use one collection anyway. This is the right course of action. I’m all in!”