A brand new dating app that is preparing to launch next week claims it will be able to help local cricketers find love. The concept, named “Tailender”, has all the usual features of popular dating apps plus a couple of cricket-specific additions that are sure to be a hit at your local club.

In what is believed to be a world-first, the app will sync the usual personal details (e.g. age, height, occupation, hobbies, etc.) with a direct link to the cricketer’s MyCricket profile, giving prospective partners the ability to assess relevant career statistics in real time. The designers behind this unique feature claim it will have the double-pronged benefit of promoting honesty in the early stages of a relationship, and improving the at-times mediocre output of local batters and bowlers.

In an official statement, the developers of the app said, “We believe that the Tailender app will be an absolute game-changer for local cricketers looking for love. It will also be a genuine crusader for promoting the importance of telling the truth early in a relationship. Prospective partners will no longer waste months of their live life under the premise that their new squeeze ‘bats and bowls a bit in a comp that’s not far off State cricket level’ when the truth is they bat at 8 and rarely bowl for the Third XI of their local park cricket competition.”

Additional features are expected to hit the app after its initial rollout, including an innovative “Third Man” option for committed couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom. Developers are also working on a “Net Session” feature where local cricketers can practice their online messaging game with a real person before actually delving into contacting a matched app-user in the hope of securing a date.