An economic divide is currently widening in the local area between those that have the new bins and those that have not. The troubling disconnect between local residents has been highlighted in recent weeks, as some residents wait patiently to join the future with Banyule City Council’s revolutionary new bin system.

Watsonia-based economist Gerald McBride has been monitoring the recent developments and says the situation is a classic case of the age-old “the haves and have nots”. He said, “There’s the famous old saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. Well, this is just like that, except it’s the bin is always bigger on the other side. It’s human nature to compare yourself to the people that live around you. And people always want what they can’t have.”

However, McBride also claimed that bigger isn’t always better. He said, “The interesting thing about this is that the people without the new bins are actually better off. They get the live the luxurious life of having weekly rubbish collections. There’ll come a time when we’ll wistfully reminisce about those weekly collections, as we’re choking on the gentle waft of soiled nappies that have been fermenting in the bin for two weeks.”