The residents of a previously quiet and content Watsonia street have been divided this week as fallout continues over an unwanted nature strip deposit. Tensions escalated over the weekend when an anonymous dog poo was left on the nature strip of Robert Fraser’s property, prompting him to scour through hours of CCTV footage to catch the culprit.

Controversially, damning footage suggests an actual resident in Fraser’s street was responsible for the deposit, not some careless out-of-towner like many had expected. Unable to contain his rage any longer, Fraser fished the offending faeces out of his bin, walked up to his neighbour’s house, and smeared the refuse all over the anonymous neighbour’s front door step. The resulting fracas was overheard by multiple residents in the street, with Fraser last heard yelling “You got what you deserved you filthy pig” as he marched home after a brief wrestle in the front yard of his nemesis’ property.

In the days since, silent factions have formed amongst the people living in the street. Some are siding with Fraser on the basis that dog poo should be picked up by owners, especially on nature strips, and even more especially on nature strips in your own street. Meanwhile, other residents are reportedly unhappy with Fraser’s willingness to go all vigilante on the issue, boldly taking matters into his own hands. One such resident, who requested strict anonymity out of genuine fear of reprisals, told The Watsonia Bugle, “The whole thing is very unbecoming. Sure, you shouldn’t leave dog shit on a neighbour’s property, but Robert should have attempted to resolve the issue in a less violent manner. This street used to be a safe place, but I lock my door every day now.”

More to come.