The infamous Internet black spot between Watsonia and Macleod stations continues to plague commuters on the Hurstbridge train line, with some claiming it’s a major deterrent in returning to the office. The issue has been a problem since the very beginning of mobile phone use on public transport, with many residents wondering how it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Many local commuters say they’re fed up with the situation. One anonymous train traveller told The Watsonia Bugle, “Elon Musk can launch a Tesla into space, but I can’t refresh my Instagram feed on the train between Watsy and Macleod. I just don’t get it.”

Another regular commuter, Trevor Mansell, claimed the issue had been causing him grief since the days of his trusty Nokia 3310. Mansell said, “This has been going on for bloody ages. I reckon it used to drop out when I was playing Snake on the old Nokia 3310. You might laugh, but that’s no joke. Sometimes I was right up to the very end and it would just freeze. I don’t know why or how, but it happened. That part of the train line is like the Bermuda Triangle!”