A local man has expressed his dismay at the increasingly prevalent use of the term “democracy sausage” to describe the sausage sizzles conducted at polling stations during yesterday’s election. Watsonia man Graeme Landers doesn’t understand why the long-standing election day sausage sizzle has suddenly become a “thing”, telling friends last night that the “democracy sausage” is yet another example of lame, confected, social media-fuelled modern nonsense.

Speaking this morning to The Watsonia Bugle to clarify his position, Landers said, “It’s just typical of this era’s obsession with social media and labelling every bloody thing. But you know what, spare me, because sausages on bread are available at multiple locations every Saturday morning. It’s called Bunnings. Look it up.”

Landers then expanded on his position by lamenting the fact that people can seemingly no longer enjoy a moment without broadcasting it on social media. He said, “Just eat the damn sausage Karen. There’s no need to take selfies with it from seven different angles. The thing will be cold by the time you’ve found the perfect angle and then posted it to multiple platforms.”