A local tourism operator is reportedly proposing a new “bridge walk” attraction for Watsonia and Greensborough in a bold attempt to attract more visitors to the region. Trevor O’Donnell claims that the footbridge over Greensborough Highway offers “unparalleled sweeping views of the local area” and would model the new attraction on similar high altitude walks such as ones currently available on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and at Adelaide Oval.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his innovative plans, O’Donnell said, “This will really put Watsy on the map again. Why should Sydney have all the fun with their fancy bridge? The views from our footbridge are just as impressive, not to mention the massive Instagram flexing opportunities of posting a selfie while looking out over a stunning sunrise over Greensborough.”

Despite the ambitious proposal, O’Donnell seemed evasive when asked how his guided walks over the bridge would differ from just walking over the bridge yourself, and exactly how he’d justify charging tourists up to $50 per head for the scenic walk. All he said was, “I know this place man, like really know it. I have some pretty sick stories I can tell about what’s happened around Watsy and Greensy. That’s what they’ll be paying the 50 bucks for, man. And it’ll be money well spent.”