Local parents say they oscillate between irritation and hypersomnia while their kids watch some stupid gamer on YouTube play some stupid game while narrating the whole thing in some stupid voice. Daryl and Nadine McAllister claim that while the content is good because it puts their children in a silent and restful state, they just wish kids these days had better taste in what they like to stream on television.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about her contradicting responses to the banal YouTube content, Nadine said, “I just have such an odd reaction to the stuff. I’m either stark raving mad about it, or just really sleepy. When it agitates me, the sound of that high-pitched commentary is like fingernails down a blackboard.”

Meanwhile, Daryl said it was like the ultimate catch-22. He said, “Sometimes you’ve just gotta make a deal with the devil if you want half an hour of peace and quiet. The voices of some of those gamers are just so rank. Some are just nasally nerds, while others are so monotone you just want to crawl into a ball and sleep for months. You’ve just got to hope that when you want a lay down your kids choose the monotone.”