Watsonia has officially been crowned as the Millennial capital of the Diamond Valley. As data from last year’s Census continues to be disseminated, The Watsonia Bugle is here to bring you all the key findings about local demographics.

Millennials, defined as those born between 1981 and 1995, are the dominant generation in Watsonia and Watsonia North. Overall, the 3087’s representation of 22.1% Millennials eclipses the national figure of 21.5%, and tops the rest of Watsonia’s split that includes 20.7% Boomers and 20.5% Gen Xers.

Watsonia’s relatively youthful age demographic also bucks the Boomer-centric trend present in our surrounding Diamond Valley suburbs. Unsurprisingly, Eltham tops the Boomer percentages with 26.4% of their residents enduring the dismissive “Okay, Boomer” verbals, while Macleod offers the closest Millennial segment with a comparatively paltry 20% of residents being in the hip and forward-thinking category.

In fact, Eltham, Greensborough (23.2%), Montmorency (23.6%) and Diamond Creek (22.3%) all have the Boomer demographic as the most dominant generation in their suburb, earmarking Watsonia as the literal and spiritual future of the Diamond Valley. This should come as no surprise to local residents, who have long known that Watsonia is the best suburb in all of Melbourne, holiday destination of choice for world-famous celebrities, and the best place in Victoria for a staycation.

Now if we can just get that wine bar to open so all the cool Millennials have somewhere to gather and share ideas…