An exclusive report has revealed that the good people of Watsonia are being regularly confronted with a difficult conundrum when planning a quick trip to Bunnings. Geographically, Watsonia is situated almost smack bang in the middle of Thomastown Bunnings and Eltham Bunnings.

Therein lies the conundrum: which Bunnings is closer, which Bunnings should I go to? The decision has been plaguing hardware enthusiasts for years, ever since Thomastown Bunnings opened its doors.

And there are more than just geographic and traffic issues to consider. While Eltham Bunnings may seem closer, it is a smaller store and parking is always of a premium, despite the sometimes forgotten underground car park. And while the Thomastown store is bigger, and parking is easier, there is the consideration of taking the Ring Road or Settlement Road. That question alone can be enough to derail even the most robust of decision makers.

And while the report failed to provide a definitive answer for you, we really just published this article to let you know that we feel your pain. Stay strong.