Following the news that Watsonia is the Millennial capital of the north, a deeper dive into last year’s Census results confirms that Eltham is indeed the Boomer capital of the Diamond Valley. Based on the information collected, 26.4% of Eltham’s population sits in the Baby Boomer category, comfortably eclipsing the splits for Watsonia (20.7%), Diamond Creek (22.3%), Greensborough (23.2%) and Montmorency (23.6%). The Eltham percentage also sits well above the national figure of 21.5%, albeit slightly lower than the 51% residing in Portsea.

Exactly what this means for Eltham remains unclear, but it does confirm the stereotypes often portrayed in our regular suburb memes.

Let’s just say we had a hunch about the place, backed somewhat by the higher median house prices, and the air of superiority often present in the 3095 postcode.

Looking more broadly, it will be interesting to see if the dismissive term “Okay, Boomer” morphs into “Okay, Eltham” across the Diamond Valley, with local linguist Fraser McDonough suggesting that it’s a possibility. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, McDonough said, “You can’t rule it out. I mean, language and terminology evolves at a rapid pace these days, so there could come a time when ‘Okay, Eltham’ replaces the more commonplace ‘Okay, Boomer’. However, that would involve today’s vapid younger generations to actually comprehend something more thorough and detailed than a TikTok video or an Instagram Reel. So, don’t hold your breath.”