A local Essendon fan looks a little too interested in national politics today, seemingly ignoring the ongoing turmoil at his football club to focus on former Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s behaviour. Brandon Miller has been quite active on social media and in multiple group chats over the last 24 hours, in what can only be described as a bold attempt to shift the narrative of this week’s newsfeed.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his unconventional approach in the fallout of his team’s loss to Port Adelaide on Sunday, Miller said, “I just think we should be focusing on the bigger issues this week, that’s all. I mean, how about that ScoMo? What was he playing at? As a nation we focus far too much on a bunch of muscley blokes in short shorts running around chasing an inflated piece of kangaroo leather. We need to divert some of that focus to the way this nation is being run.”

However, not everyone is convinced by Miller’s allegedly new-found interest in global politics. One anonymous friend contacted us to say, “Brando’s lost it, mate. In the pre-season he was talking about a top 4 finish, but he went quiet after about Round 5 or so. I’ve never once heard him speak about politics, not even before this year’s election, but all of a sudden he’s all over it. I’m seeing right through this. What a clown.”