Watsonia North has been nicknamed “Diet Toorak” after a recent study revealed that it sits second on the list of Melbourne suburbs that residents hold property in for the longest. Averaging an impressive 17.8 years per house, Watsonia North sits just below West Melbourne (18.5 years) and above such salubrious company such as Vermont South, Surrey Hills, Eaglemont and Hughesdale in the top 10.

No other local suburbs made the top 10 list, confirming that Watsonia North is comfortably the most desirable suburb in the Diamond Valley. Responding to the news, long-time Watsonia North resident (is there any other type?) Benjamin Price said, “Well, it just goes to show what I’ve been saying for years: Watsy North is the best-kept secret in suburban Melbourne. It truly is ‘Diet Toorak’. All the same flavour and class you’d expect from a lofty locale like Toorak, but without the sickly-sweet price tag. It’s a bloody ripper joint, mate, I’m telling ya.”

The impressive result in real estate retention follows a topsy turvy few years for those living north of Grimshaw Street. In February, the location joined the illustrious “Millionaire’s Mile”, which built on the momentum of 2019’s announcement that the suburb was the coolest and best Melbourne postcode to call home. On the flipside, Watsonia North has previously been labelled the least walkable suburb in Melbourne, and last month lost the aforementioned million-dollar status. It remains to be seen what news of this latest study will bring, but with a moniker like “Diet Toorak”, they sky’s the limit.