A Watsonia Op Shop is currently stocking what some collectors are calling the ultimate piece of Aussie memorabilia from the 1990s: a synthetic “AC” branded basketball signed by Andrew Gaze. In fact, one sports memorabilia expert said he hopes the coveted item is purchased by a museum, so that it can be enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of Australians for generations to come.

Sports memorabilia expert Kenneth Donaldson has told The Watsonia Bugle, “That single piece pretty much personifies living in the 90s in Australia. An outdoor basketball, branded by arguably that era’s most iconic soft drink brand, and signed by one of our nation’s greatest ever athletes. If that doesn’t take you back to a time of VHS tapes, roller blades and Hey Hey It’s Saturday I don’t know what will.”

Not only is the unique item a tangible representation of what life was like for people living in suburban Melbourne during the 1990, it comes at the absolute bargain price of just $2. And that’s what makes Donaldson think that it’s likely to be snapped up by a private buyer instead of a large museum. He said, “Some wealthy shark will come along and grab it, there’s nothing surer. But that will be a real shame, let me tell you. That piece belongs in a museum. Future generations need to enjoy it. I doubt I’ve ever seen such a neat amalgamation of sporting clout and cultural significance. It’s a thing of beauty.”