A long-time Greensborough resident has controversially been busted telling acquaintances that he lives in Watsonia in a sly attempt to elevate his waning social status. The man, who requested strict anonymity, is believed to have been telling work colleagues, long-lost cousins and other miscellaneous people that he meets that he lives in Watsonia, despite clearly residing in the neighbouring suburb of Greensborough.

The anonymous man was called on his subterfuge this week when a work friend overheard him telling a client that he lived in Watsonia. The work friend contacted The Watsonia Bugle to share their disgust, revealing that, when challenged, the Greensborough man admitted that for the last “three or four years” he’d been telling people that he lives in Watsonia because he believed that sounded better.

The work friend said, “I couldn’t believe it when I heard him say it at first. I mean, that’s a serious lie. And you can’t just piggyback on Watsonia’s hard-earned reputation. What a jerk.”

When contacted for comment, the man initially denied the claims, before eventually relenting and claiming that the deception was a classic case of imitation being the best form of flattery. He said, “I mean, youse guys have got a good thing going at the moment, and I wanted in on that vibe. You’ve got that whole main street retail thing going, a heap of takeaway options, and the Paris End, of course. Meanwhile, Greensy is broken into warring factions that can’t seem to agree on anything. Plus my house is only a couple of hundred metres from the border of the two suburbs. Surely you can let me claim it?”