A large military-looking helicopter spotted over Watsonia around lunchtime today has predictably sent social media into meltdown. While the presence of the familiar police helicopter always leads to rampant online speculation, today’s much larger and noisier craft really got fingers tapping away on phone screens, with locals keen to join the conversation.

Commentary tended to fall into three main categories: 1) people questioning the motives of the helicopter flying in our local airspace, 2) people using the opportunity to flex their intimate knowledge of covert military activities and aircraft, and 3) people complaining about the aural intrusion to their otherwise peaceful suburban lives.

According to local social media monitoring expert Callum Nelson, there’s nothing quite like a helicopter to get Facebook moving. Nelson said, “Of all the common things that happen in the suburbs, helicopters are consistently the most talked about phenomena. There’s just nothing like them, really. Every single business that lives in the online space would literally kill for the organic cut-through that a random helicopter gets. It’s obscene.”