An exclusive report has revealed that it actually hasn’t stopped raining for long enough to determine if the “Watsy Wet Patch” is back or not. While indications during the week seemed to suggest that the pothole on Watsonia Road had yet again sprung a leak, persistent rain is making it hard to fully identify the true depth of the problem.

Following our initial report into the matter just over three months ago, the unsightly leak was repaired relatively quickly, but it appears to have only provided a temporary solution. With the rumoured return of the wet patch, inventive locals are now trying to decide whether we just live with it or not. Some have even suggested turning the consistent trickle of water into a tourist attraction, kind of like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Local entrepreneur Rebecca White told The Watsonia Bugle, “Sometimes, imperfection becomes perfection. And people are drawn to this. Deep down, we are all flawed human beings, so we like seeing other things that are flawed. It makes us feel better about our own failings in life. With the wine bar almost upon us, turning the Watsy Wet Patch into a source of local pride could form part of a strong push to make the southern end of Watsonia Road the new heart of our CBD. It never attracts the kudos of other districts in our thriving dining and retail precinct, but that could all be about the change.”