A local foodie has given himself the day off and indulged in a chip roll, not even attempting to dress it up as some kind of unique culinary creation. Trev O’Connell made the bold decision yesterday afternoon while he was enjoying a lazy Sunday on the couch.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, the self-diagnosed foodie said, “Yeah mate, if I’m being totally honest, trying to come up with detailed ways to explain basic dishes catches up with me at times. Sunday is a day of rest. Even God took Sundays off, haha.”

However, it seems old habits die hard, as O’Connell then went on to explain how he sourced the ingredients for the lazy meal. He said, “The elements of the meal were hand-picked in a carbon-neutral way [he walked to the local shops], the bread rolls were sculptured by a local artisan [the top bakery on Watsonia Road] and the margarine and crisps were purchased from a local providore [Watsonia IGA]. Sometimes obtaining the ingredients from the best merchants is more important than the process of actually making the meal.”