A recent study from a local university [an actual proper fair dinkum study this time] has crowned Watsonia as the most liveable suburb in all of the Diamond Valley. Researchers from RMIT have ranked all Melbourne suburbs on a “Social Infrastructure Index” that analyses access to a collection of essential services such as health, education, community, sport and recreation.

Registering a whopping 9.4 on the “Liveability Index”, Watsonia casts a long shadow over its neighbouring suburbs in the Diamond Valley.

1. Watsonia (9.4)
2. Macleod (7.6)
3. Montmorency (7.4)
4. Greensborough (6.9)
5. Research (5.3)
6. Yallambie (5.2)
7. Diamond Creek (4.5)
8. Eltham (4.4)
9. Lower Plenty (4.3)
10. Plenty (1.9)

The top 10 ranking of our local suburbs has thrown up multiple surprises, beyond the obvious placement of Watsonia at the very top. But it seems a divide exists within the coveted 3087 postcode itself. While Watsonia scored the lofty 9.4 ranking on the liveability index, Watsonia North languishes at 4.6. Are those residing north of Grimshaw Street enduring half as good a lifestyle as those living south of Grimshaw Street? That sounds like a long conversation to be had over a few crisp pinots at the new wine bar. Actually, that venue might be the reason for the high ranking…