The surprise return of “Neighbours” to television screens next year will be filmed in idyllic Watsonia North. News broke late last night that Neighbours would be returning in 2023, just months after bidding a long and emotional farewell to the Australian public.

It can also be exclusively revealed here that due to the end of the original series, after 37 years on-screen, the original filming location of Pin Oak Court in the eastern suburb of Vermont is no longer available. After an extensive search for new locations in suburban Melbourne, it was reportedly decided that Watsonia North was the most picturesque option, putting forward the best of Australian life to an international audience.

An anonymous industry insider claimed the move was due to Watsonia North’s “increased social profile and true representation of the idyllic Australian dream”. They also said, “Catering on a large-scale production like Neighbours costs producers thousands of dollars. However, with Watsonia’s broad range of takeaway food options, they won’t even need to hire catering trucks, they’ll just send someone up to Watsonia Road to get a big group order.”

More to come.