A rogue suburban sasquatch has been reportedly spotted wandering through the Kempston Street wilderness, with the increasingly wild overgrowth in that area likely providing more cover for the mysterious beast. Situated on the border of Watsonia North and Greensborough, the charming habitat sits under the constant hum of the bypass road above, with an interesting menagerie of animals now frequently spotted by passing motorists.

Local resident Callum Fraser contacted The Watsonia Bugle this morning to share his exclusive image of the sasquatch, claiming he saw the mythical creature yesterday afternoon while driving to Greensborough Plaza. Fraser said, “Yeah mate, I was just driving over the Greensy Plaza for a bit when this big silhouette caught my eye near the overpass. I almost drove off the road. He kind of scurried into the long grass, but I just got my phone out in time to catch him. What a sight!”

Fraser then openly pondered what would happen to this unique habitat as construction of the North East Link ramped up in coming months. He said, “I’m a bit worried, to be honest. Regular sightings of a bigfoot could be a real boon for tourism around here. So I hope they don’t just bulldoze the area. I like the way it looks like it hasn’t been mown for about three months. It’s very rustic and wild.”